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(Legacy) Assassin’s Greed – CTRL+D Podcast #8

Why are games the way that they are? We wonder that quite frequently, so with the recent releases of Assassins Creed: Origins and Call of Duty: World War 2, we decided to give our two cents on the way games treat history, and ended up touching upon some of the shadier practices publishers utilize nowadays.

Assassin’s notes:

[00:00:18] –

Liftoff of HMS Bad Taste.

[00:00:50] –

Quick update on the state of Catalonia’s bid for independence.

[00:02:58] –

Wallonia, is the region Pedro is referring to.

[00:03:40] –

Onward to our main topic of the treatment of historical facts and figures, in video games, as well as the shady practices of game dev studios the world over.

[00:05:36] –

Technical difficulties. There was a sizeable gap between Pedro cutting out, and us realising he did, however he edited all of it out, so now it sound a little weird that I immediately catch on to the problem, and even more so due to the fact that during recording, we mostly look at our waveforms in audacity- not at our browsers where our call session proceeds.

Also take note of the fact that our show is recorded locally on each machine, so there is absolutely no reason to add elevator music, given that everything can be edited out in the final episode mixdown. We just do it because we can. 😀

At this point I’d ask you to patronize us on Patreon, to get more behind the scenes action, but we don’t have a Patreon. Ah, well.

[00:06:33] –

And now, our low opinions of Call of Duty: Same Old 2 and Battlefield 1 More Paycheck.

[00:14:00] –

Pedro’s thoughts on Mount & Blade: Warband.

[00:16:34] –

My ever so fragmented thoughts on Kingdom Come: Deliverance

[00:18:43] –

Assassin’s Creed: That Gamestop Ad With The Camel, and the curse of the triple DRM protection, which Ubisoft have gone on the record as saying, doesn’t work.

[00:24:51] –

War Thunder… Free to Play, but Pay to Win.

[00:25:10] –

Every good horror story starts with an innocent “Oh, no!”… What follows is the second instance of technical difficulties we experienced during the recording of our episode, and here you can get a clearer picture of how we record our audio separately, since Colin dropped out on us, but his audio keeps running in the final mixdown.

[00:28:00] –

Enter thee, into the Kingdom of Pedro, where all people talk about is Creative Assembly’s Rome: Total War 2.

[00:30:12] –

Some more Assassin’s Greed talk.

[00:43:09] –

*GameStop, not GameSpot.

[00:46:43] –

Ryse: Son of a Bi… Son of Rome.

[01:06:42] –

The Legend of Soup McTavish and The Artichoke Legion.

[01:07:50] –

Alas, it does not. Black Sails folded the sails after four seasons on the air.

[01:18:00] –


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