Featured image for episode 7 of the control d podcast. The image depicts a scene from popular 90s chidren's TV show, Dinosaurs.

(Legacy) Jurassic Tales with professor Colin – CTRL+D Podcast #7

This week, we have a bit of an ad lib episode in which many topics were covered, chief amongst which, our universal love for all things dinosaur. Of course no main topic segment lasted longer than 10 minutes, before the conversation veered into an unknown direction, but I guess that’s just our jam.

This post’s featured image comes courtesy of the ABC Photo Archives.

Jurassic notes:

[00:00:17] –

Liftoff of HMS Bad Taste.

[00:00:30] –

As you can imagine, only in between our off-topic ramblings.

[00:00:53] –

An update from our resident Iberian peninsula correspondent, on the fate of Catalonia. The prediction that you’re about to hear at the end of this turned out to be correct, as Catalonia formally declared independence, some two days ago, as of the writing of these notes (2017-10-29).

[00:03:02] –

As Pedro put it so eloquently, we got back to dinosaurs, as Colin explained where his undying interest for them stemmed from. Try and guess!… Yes. You’re right.

[00:06:42] –

Aaaand back to our digressions, after this short main topic interlude… In the next few minutes, we’ll talk about sweet tooth and sugary treat misadventures.

[00:10:35] –

Headline on front page of¬†Correio da Manh√£ for November 1st.: “Family of two found dead, beaten with sticks. Knocked door to door, asking for free candy.”

[00:11:38] –

And another brief palaeontological interlude. I know words.

[00:15:10] –

One Captain Redbeard, coming right up…

Captain Redbeard, in all his glory.

[00:20:22] –

Yes he will, for it has been said in the Holy Bible, chiefest among all books, that no life can be complete, until the soul that lives it has watched an episode of Dinosaurs.

[00:27:24] –

If the three of us lived in the same country, bible bashing would be a national sport.

[00:37:26] –

And now, back to the part where God decided to kill the dinosaurs.

[00:46:43] –

One professor Colin, coming right up…

Professor Colin, in all his glory.

[00:59:32] –

10-minute goodbyes initiated. This time, a record breaking 12 minutes and 19 seconds.

[01:04:01] –

Said dinosaur, as if frozen in time.

[01:11:51] –