Featured image for episode 6 of the control d podcast. The image depicts a large pro-independence banner with the words "Catalonia is not Spain", strewn across the upper stand of a football stadium.

(Legacy) A bid for Independence – CTRL+D Podcast #6

Since the day we recorded episode 5, we had been talking about shifting the focus of this podcast in a new direction, towards covering topics we are more invested in. As a result, for this week’s entry, we decided to test the waters and talk about Catalonia’s recent bid for independence, the horrible handling of the situation by Spain’s top politicians, the despicable state police actions that followed, and the inverse effect they had on the resolve of Catalans. Also Harry Potter.

The header image for this episode, comes courtesy of Flickr user Núria, and is provided under the CC BY-SA 2.0 license. I would also like to direct your attention to the fact that the photograph was taken on June 29th, 2013.

Independence notes:

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Liftoff of HMS Bad Taste

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Straight into our main topic.

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Aaaand 38 seconds later, we veer into a digression, about the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

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The term I was looking for, was common vernacular.

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Aaaand back to the main topic.

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Whatever will one do without such bastions of enlightenment and free thought as the reverend Fox News!? Oh, the horror.

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A quick rundown of the history of the Iberian Peninsula.

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Slovenia, being situated in the Western Balkans, was never part of the Soviet Union. It was, however, part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. It gained independence in 1991, after 4 years of mounting social pressure, which resulted in the Ten Day War between Slovenian and Yugoslav forces, won decisively by the Slovenians. This conflict started a chain reaction, which led to the dissolution of Yugoslavia in 1992, as well as the Yugoslavian Wars, fought between the now separate nation states, and which lasted for another decade, before hostilities ceased in 2001.

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My bad. Albania was never part of Yugoslavia.

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A clarification. When I say Serb christians, I mean soldiers of the army of Republika Srpska, which is one of the two constitutional entities that make up modern-day Bosna and Herzegovina, and is not to be confused with the army of the Republic of Serbia.

Yes… It’s that complicated all around.

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No, we won’t. This footage should be watched, but unjust violence is not tolerated, and has no place on our website. Everything is freely available on the internet.

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If you listened to this episode, send the following tweet at us with the hashtag #HMSBadTaste, and we’ll give you a shoutout. 🙂

– Wow, way to cheapen the joke, me!

-Why thanks, me!

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I will keep repeating the following joke, at any opportune time. I’m up to number 5 now.

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Another correction. In about 4 minutes, I will refer to this “republic” as Donbass. The actual separatist state I was thinking about is the pro-Russian Donetsk People’s “Republic”. Donbass is the name of the region it’s located in.

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UNIAN in English.

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In fact one of us, and I won’t name any names, because the name in question doesn’t belong to either of the other two, is so lazy that he had 6 days to write these notes and prepare the episode, yet is sitting at his desk, writing said notes at half past midnight on the 17th, local time.

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10 minute goodbyes initiated.

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I’m betting that you just checked the timecode of the audio, and are wondering what’s recorded on the missing minute… Well, that will be our little secret.

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