Featured image for episode 5 of the control d podcast. The image depicts a painting of the Sun, with Jupiter in the foreground.

(Legacy) Dead Space… in between our ears – CTRL+D Podcast #5

What an episode! How do I even even begin to describe it? In light of Cassini’s recent mission completion, we planned on talking about a different kind of mission completion, in which the spacecraft is simply left to float in the vast emptiness, never to be seen or contacted again. There are after all, so many mostly intact but defunct spacecraft.

What we didn’t realize at the time of recording however, was that the following hour would veer greatly from its original course and begin answering thrilling question, like whether my two co-hosts were in fact active kidnappers, or if anyone ever realized how much Gene Simmons had in common with defunct space probes. We did manage to sneak in some intact content from our original topic, so strap in for an hour and three minutes of award winning podcasting, which will leave a lasting scar on the scene as a whole.

Space notes:

[00:00:20] –

Liftoff of HMS Bad Taste.

[00:00:35] –

A flying start with our main topic, namely defunct but mostly intact space probes.

[00:02:03] –

And thus started an astonishing hour of high-quality professional podcasting.

[00:02:58] –

A robot graveyard if you will.

[00:05:04] –

Indeed, Earth’s fourth artificial satellite, the Vanguard 1, launched by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NASA predecessor NACA) on March 17, 1958, remains the oldest man-made object still in orbit.

[00:05:38] –

Here’s a JPL news piece on the Automaton Rover for Extreme Environments (AREE).

[00:07:28] –

Yo, Dylan Moran Squad, where you at?

[00:07:54] –

The Kessler Syndrome, in all its threatening glory.

[00:08:20] –

Vote 666, for a better Bragança!

Vote 666 for a better Braganca!

[00:09:51] –

The Podbucks™ Strike Back

[00:15:23] –

Listen to us dissolve the entire conspiracy theory scene in mere seconds.

[00:19:41] –

Australia’s ARSE… The spoof space agency of our dreams.

[00:20:51] –

I would like to extend the courtesy of acknowledging that Colin’s backstabbing joke went neither unrecognized, nor unappreciated. I simply did not want to interrupt the conversation, just to proclaim my admiration for it.

[00:21:43] –

Return of the Podbucks™

[00:22:22] –

Mock The Week’s very own Andy Parsons, making a joke about Joseph Fritzel (video automatically starts at 2:30:25).

[00:25:08] –


[00:28:40] –

What if there was something like, say, e thermonuclear war between hostile states, that erased all record of humanity’s space endeavours… Crazy, right? (Political commentary quota: CHECK!)

[00:29:45] –

Here’s a great sci fi short called Unearthed. Loosely related, highly recommended watch.

[00:32:04] –

Podbucks™: Reloaded

[00:32:38] –

Podcents™: The Origins

[00:37:01] –

There goes my precious find. Not so obscure any more.

[00:38:46] –

Podbucks™: Resurrection

[00:39:27] –

“Podbucks™ are my socks.” – Dobby Dobrev, 2017.

[00:39:44] –

Not really though. I’m not particularly trustworthy.

[00:39:53] –

Here’s an unreasonably long segment on Gene Simmons. Just because.

[00:53:00] –

A rather sparse Entertainment Lounge.

[00:54:44] –

But Gene Simmons beckoned you, didn’t he?

[00:58:17] –

10 minute goodbyes initiated.

[00:59:13] –

Podbucks™ 5: One Last Paycheck

[01:01:14] –

My apologies to all opportunistic serial entrepreneurs out there… The Podcars™ have been trademarked already. The perks of listening to episodes pre-launch.

[01:02:48] –


[01:03:00] –