#31: Behind the Film Production Curtain

Episode brief:

For this edition of CTRL+D, we’ve harnessed the brain power of our resident silver screen maestro- Colin, who will, through equal parts technical know-how and personal anecdotes, guide us step by step through the minefield of misconceptions and generalisations surrounding film production.

Film production notes:

[00:09:30] –

Here’s what a location agreement sample looks like. (.pdf file)

[00:27:53] –

Personal archives, people. Abandon all hope! Ain’t happening.

[00:34:14] –

[01:02:08] –

Yeah… I may or may not have spoken too soon, about the topic of my episode. Hence the annoying censor bleep. But we shall see. There’s two more weeks to figure it out, and I do my best work under pressure.