#30: Overtourism

Episode brief:

For those of you who missed our transitional episode #29, the first edition of CTRL+D 2.0 will focus on the troubling phenomenon of overtourism. Specifically, how it often leads to degraded living conditions for the locals residing in popular travel destinations.

Our episode lead will be Pedro. He will walk us through the numerous growing pains caused by Portugal’s booming tourism industry. Noise pollution, waste buildup, and gentrification to name a few.

Overtourism notes:

[00:21:02] –

Tourists on Segways. Yep! A proper Wall-e vibe, right there.

Tourists on Segways. Yep. A proper Wall-e vibe right there.

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Here’s a map outlining the percentage of tourist-occupied residences in Lisbon.

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You can read this article (in Portuguese), that outlines the issue with Lisbon’s tram line #28.

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And provided here is an interactive map, visualising past, present and ongoing cases of loss of housing and commerce within Portugal’s capital.

[00:42:52] – [The Bobby Awards]

Episode 30’s Bobby Award nomination goes to the practitioners of balconing. The act of jumping into a swimming pool from a hotel’s balcony.