#29: Social Anxiety Megazord

Episode brief:

A time comes in every podcast’s life, when an existential crisis must ensue. And who better to guide ours through it, than the Social Anxiety Rangers!

Come episode 30, CTRL+D will go through some significant format changes, designed to improve the overall quality of the show, bring back some much needed focus, and relieve some of the current production strain we’re experiencing. Over the last year, all of these problems compounded, resulting in a mediocre podcast without any clear distinguishing features. This is all about to change, and in order to give you an idea as to just how we ended up where we are, we decided to use this transition episode to talk about the individual challenges we all face on a daily basis, and share some personal anecdotes. Some funny, some not so much. Stories concerning social anxiety and executive dysfunction– the two key factors affecting the quality of our work.

Update: As it so happened, this became the most engaging podcast episode, we’ve ever produced. It was wonderful to hear from you, and to listen to your personal stories. We know very well just how much courage it takes for a person suffering from social anxiety to open up about their struggles, and we’d like to extend our sincere gratitude to those of you who did so.

Social anxiety notes:

Fitting that there would be none.