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(Legacy) Downer Hour at Downer Central – CTRL+D Podcast #24

This is a little bit of a rant-y downer-y episode, as it was a slow news week, and what little news there was, was mostly kinda sorta depressing. We still made the best of it, however.

The end of the world delayed once more, humans still garbage, Halo coming to TV and PC, and Tim Berners-Lee to the rescue of the Internet. All of this and much more, on episode 24 of CTRL+D.

Downer notes:

[00:00:01] –

A disturbing liftoff of HMS Bad Taste… For some much needed lighthearted context, click here.

[00:02:15] –

It isn’t.

[00:03:00] –

PUBG Corp. dropped the lawsuit against Fortnite creators EPIC Games… Doomsday delayed.

[00:04:53] –

A  M  E  R  I  C  A  J  O  K  E  S

[00:08:16] –

Telltale games set to switch game engine to Unity.

… Yet somehow, we managed to turn this into a rant against Bethesda. A rather familiar concept for us.

[00:18:23] –

Uncharted co-creator Amy Hennig, has left EA. On the way out, she confirmed that the Star Wars game she was working on was shelved.

[00:27:00] –

Google is reportedly working on its own gaming console. If, after reading this, you asked yourself why, you’ll be happy to know that we’re stuck on the same part of the equation.

… Yet somehow, we managed to turn this into a rant against corporate consolidation… And then a rant against shitty publisher practices.

[00:37:17] –

Brian Krzanich, pulled the rip cord on his golden parachute. Now former Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich, stepped down amidst an ongoing investigation into a consensual workplace relationship, as that is against company regulations.

I, however, don’t buy it. Too convenient, given the events that transpired over the last few months. Chief amongst which, the Spectre and Meltdown announcements, which we talked about on our facebook page.

[00:41:14] –

343 industries set to partner with Showtime and Amblin Entertainment, for a new Halo-universe TV series.

2018… The year halo became available on TV and PC.

[00:45:45] – [The Bobbys]

On this episode, there will be no Bobby nomination. Refreshingly enough, nothing particularly stupid jumped out at us from the media white noise field.

[00:47:24] –

To top the episode 24 shitberg in style, here’s a short segment on the EU’s proposed catatonically stupid Article 11 and 13 regulations. Luckily, they were shot down, but unfortunately will be up for debate again, later in the year.

[00:53:01] –

Hellbent on not ending the downer hour on a downer note, we talked a little bit about Tim Berners-Lee and his web privacy project Solid.

[00:59:12] –