A strain of ebola with the overlaid text: cure.mp3.

(Legacy) Ebola-fighting MP3s – CTRL+D Podcast #23

Ebola-fighting MP3s, Steam being its usual Steam-y self, gaming as a disorder, Article 13, and Star Wars descending into mediocrity. All of this and much more, on episode 23 of CTRL+D.

Ebola notes:

[00:00:46] –

Liftoff of HMS Bad Taste.

[00:02:34] –

Check out episode 22 of CTRL+D, in which we did our recap of E3 2018, and first tested our new intro technique.

[00:04:14] –

[Insert popular video game title] so-called “fans”, angry about [insert totally normal and cool thing happening to said popular video game], because [insert one of these: misogyny, racism, bigotry, illiteracy].

[00:09:33] –

Yes, indeed… Someone out there, thinks Ancient Greeks were Christians.

[00:16:29] –

 PUBG Corp. drops EPIC lawsuit. End of days delayed.

[00:19:34] –

Steam being its usual Steam-y self, allowed a game called Active Shooter, to be sold on its storefront. Then promptly took it down. But it took it down for reasons entirely unrelated to how terrible this so-called “game” is. Luckily, others did not need to take any flak from the internet, before moving in to interrupt any means of selling the game online.

[00:27:26] –

Ladies and gents, may I present to you Alien Food Frenzy, also known as “the game that came without an executable“. As discovered by YouTuber extraordinaire penguinz0, also known as Cr1TiKaL.

[00:28:18] –

As I type this for you on a keyboard with barely legible WASD keys, I have to report on the World Health Organisation putting an official classification to a condition known as “gaming disorder”. Yikes!

[00:33:42] –

Microsoft recently bought GitHub for 7.5 billion USD, and for once in all of recorded human history, Microsoft acquiring something may actually end up being a good thing.

[00:36:53] –

Boba Fett is set to star in his own movie.

[00:39:11] –

Something, something, Pedro asked me to put this in the show notes, Star Wars, something.

[00:50:42] –

Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado shall come out in about 2 days time (06-29). In the United States of Freedom Fries and Minuteman Salsa, that is.

[00:52:30] –

Revel in the glowing beauty of the amusingly terrible idea of a Summer music festival inside the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

[00:55:40] –

The European Union, not to be outdone by the likes of Barbra Streisand, has decided to go on a crusade against the Internet.

[01:00:23] – [The Bobbys]

World, meet “Dr.” Bill Grey. “Dr.” Grey wants you to believe he can cure ebola via .mp3 files on your phone. For that, “Dr.” Grey has rightfully deserved a spot on our list of contenders for the 2018 Bobby Awards.

[01:17:26] –