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(Legacy) Podcastal Mitosis – CTRL+D Podcast #18

It’s been a busy fortnight, and we have leveled up enough to be able to support a second party member. As a result, effective immediately, CTRL+D is splitting in two… a podcastal mitosis if you will. The aforementioned will lose its space segment, to the end that said segment becomes our new space-centric podcast, Brevity 7 Delta-V.

AAA devs acting up, Meryl Streep not playing Princess Leia, and people apparently paying money to get stung by bees. All of this and much more, on episode 18 of CTRL+D.

Mitosis notes:

[00:03:56] –

As Pedro mentioned, the spin-off podcast Brevity 7 Delta-V will air on April 17th. Its first edition will include all the news intended to fill this episode’s space segment.

[00:05:06] –

Monolith removes loot boxes from Middle Earth: Shadow of War, however, about 6 months and 20 days too late.

[00:06:15] –

Factual error detected! Middle Earth: Shadow of War came out on September 27th, 2017, which makes it 6 months and 20 days old. That error, however, does not discredit the subsequent statement that sales of the game have tapered enough to justify removing loot box mechanics without an appreciable loss of revenue.

[00:09:37] –

A 600-page document, detailing the development process for Battlefront 3 and 4– the successors of 2004/5’s Battle front 1 and 2.

[00:10:05] –

Factual error detected! The Vault, is a website dedicated to preserving and curating the publicly available information pertinent to all cancelled Star Wars games, regardless of their developer.

[00:15:51] –

PUBG Corp. is suing Chinese developer NetEase Games over alleged copyright infringement.

[00:31:42] –

Shock and bewilderment! Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII will have a “story-line” set in the near future.

[00:33:46] –

Razer Game Store

[00:37:03] –

Steam expands its list of profile privacy settings.

[00:41:33] –


[00:45:58] –

This leaves two possibilities regarding the author of said video. Case 1: A bot that scraped popular search results who, at the same time, doesn’t posses the technical complexity needed to confirm their veracity. Case 2: A person delivering information off the top of their head who, at the same time, didn’t care enough to fact check. Any conclusions as to which one is worse, I leave to you.

[00:49:40] –

Behold, in all its journalistic glory… “A third of young millennials are confused about this incontrovertible fact”.

[00:56:36] –

Rumors spread, that Disney may be looking into casting Meryl Streep as a replacement for Carry Fisher’s character Princess Leia in Episode IX. Streep’s representatives, however, denied those reports.

[00:59:27] –

in other news, Disney confirms that Toy Story 4 will open in theatres on June 21st, 2019.

[01:07:45] –

German authorities arrested, and subsequently released, exiled Catalonian leader Carlos Puigdemont. In the event that you want to learn more about this issue, we suggest listening to Episode 6 of CTRL+D. There we focused on some of the backstory of the Catalan independence efforts.

[01:12:01] – [The Bobbys]

This weeks nominee is the Gwyneth Paultrow-backed bee acupuncture, since it caused the death of a Spanish woman after she experienced an allergic reaction to the “treatment”.