Featured image for episode 17 of the control d podcast. The image depicts a woman with a beauty product face mask on.

(Legacy) Genital beautification – CTRL+D Podcast #17

A graphic designer space race, NASA getting more money than it asked for, EA selling DLC for DLCs, and a disturbing genital-related facial trend. All of this and much more, on episode 17 of the CTRL+D Podcast.

Genital notes:

[00:01:15] –

Liftoff of HMS Bad Taste.

[00:02:19] –

You can head over to the NASA website where you can read more about Kepler’s fuel issues, and if you so desire, you can listen to Episode 5 of the CTRL+D podcast, in which the trio briefly discussed the faith of spacecraft after their missions get terminated, before going on to debate the astonishing life and work of rock legend Gene Simmons for the remainder of the show. Even my superior cognitive abilities are not enough to ascertain exactly why that happened.

[00:06:37] –

For the full story by author Brian Cole, or as Plamen referred to him, quote, “that fuck who calls Luna- the Moon”, please head over to the Newsweek article titled “Russia will beat NASA to Mars, and find water on the Moon, says Putin.”

[00:10:58] –

ArsTechnica’s article, titled “NASA chief explains why agency won’t buy a bunch of Falcon Heavy rockets.”

[00:23:10] –

Indeed, he is! World, meet Lagrangian points.

[00:42:42] –

Factual error detected! Upon learning of the plans set forth by the American authorities, their German counterparts moved in and arrested the hacker, then 22-year-old Axel Gembe, before he could leave the country. He was subsequently sentenced to two years of probation. You can read more about the incident on the Half-Life Wikia, and in this 2011 feature article by Eurogamer.

[01:32:16] –

Factual error detected! Sergei Skripal is still alive, albeit in a critical condition.

[01:41:00] – [The Bobbys]

This week’s Bobby nominee – The 650-dollar penis facial, courtesy of some rather unhappy Korean newborns.

[01:51:51] –

Unfortunately there were no audiograms this week. Upon finishing recording, Plamen realised that the stereo mix recording only contained the voices of Colin and Pedro. This will be rectified on the next episode.