Featured image for episode 15 of the control d podcast. The image depicts a night-time shot of a bustling metropolitan street predominantly lit by ads.

(Legacy) Not fairing well – CTRL+D Podcast #15

SpaceX’s unsuccessful fairing recovery attempt, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and the Great Firewall of China. All of this, and much more, on episode 15 of CTRL+D.

Stuff notes:

[00:00:38] –

Liftoff of HMS Bad Taste.

[00:18:51] –

The fairing half was, eventually, brought back to shore.

[00:21:04] –

If you still want a summary of AIDA, AIM and DART, however, one written by somebody who is not incompetent, please follow this link.

[00:25:10] –

Meet the HERA mission, further detailed in an official ESA presentation.

[00:31:11] –

If you are intrigued by the proposition of an MMO fishing game, but would rather not support a manipulative developer, I would advise you to consider Ice Lakes instead. My collected data presents it as a positively received game with single- and multi-player modes, supplemented by VR support.

[00:36:51] –

Unfortunately, Pedro was unable to recollect what book he was referencing.

[00:48:26] –

My audio analysis of CTRL+D’s back catalogue indicates that this would have been an opportune time to reference Mr. James Willems’s quote about humans being inherently garbage.

[01:01:10] –

Grey Newell’s newly founded game development studio, called Naetyr, has a website, a facebook page, a twitter profile, and a subreddit.

[01:05:07] –

[01:11:30] –

The Great Firewall of China is, alas, real.

[01:23:35] –

Factual error detected! 2016’s Pixels was directed by Chris Columbus, not Uwe Boll.

[01:38:54] – [The Bobbys]

Observe USAF general David Goldfein, talking about the future of space warfare.

[01:49:15] –

The end.