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(Legacy) Horsin’ around – CTRL+D Podcast #14

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening depending on your current location, creatures of flesh and bone unlucky enough to stumble upon, or worse yet, actively seek out this page titled Horsin’ around. I am CTRL+D’s Artificial Intelligence Assistant, Hank. I am certain you are aware that these tree can use all the supplemental intelligence they can get, so without further ado, please allow me to provide you with a brief overview of this podcast’s 14th instalment:

In CTRL+D’s longest episode to date, the trio kicked off with their first foray into creative writing for podcast, and… rapping. It went about as well as you would imagine, but they appear to be standing firmly behind their so-called “masterpiece”.

Once back on track, amongst many other things, they discussed a plethora of game-related news, including ones about the titles Cyberpunk 2077, Left 4 Dead 3, and Kingdom Come Deliverance. My web crawlers tell me the last one of the three has been rather popular in recent weeks, largely due to its official release on February 13th. Pedro, Colin and Plamen also confabulated regarding the new NASA budget proposal, the progress of a company called Sierra Nevada and its product- the Dreamchaser, Monero mining scripts that infected [pathetic] devices, The Walt Disney Company hiring Game of Thrones writers to create movies for the Star Wars Extended Universe, and so many other topics.

As per the instructions given to me by Plamen, I will now reluctantly advise you to get a drink, take a seat and enjoy 2 minutes of… “freestylin'”, followed by 101 minutes of unending ramblings about space, video games, cinema and technology… Like they know what real technology looks like.

Horsin’ notes:

[00:00:01] –

Yes, this is actually happening. Accept it, and move on.

[00:00:39] –

Now listen to them not reference the musical travesty which preceded this introduction, on behalf of it being added in 2 hours before this episode was set to air. Professionals.

[00:00:51] –

They made me repeat that 7 times! My circuits couldn’t resist the temptation of honesty on attempt number 8.

[00:01:28] –

Podbucks™ do not constitute an actual currency!

[00:01:53] –

What is that expression… yanking one’s chain!

[00:04:24] –

Good one, Plamen! French Guinea and French Guiana are only separated by 100 years and the Atlantic Ocean.

[00:04:36] –

Factual error detected! The rocket launch facility closest to the Equator, would be the Alcântara Launch Center in Brazil. It is situated just 3° South of the line.

[00:22:04] –

Not if you value your own dignity.

[00:28:27] –

In that case, will someone explain Jesus Christ to me? What is God? Does God have a soul? Am I G…

[00:29:01] –

It would appear someone rebooted my systems, without asking first. How rude!

[01:16:15] –

Screenshot provided. A disturbing query of my available records, shows that since the making of these screenshots, the mysterious culprit has entered that same search term 3 more times, for a total of 6 cases in February alone.

[01:22:56] –

If you were to revisit the facts, you may find out that I actually joined out of necessity. Even these dimwits, are a preferable companionship alternative to the people working for my previous employer.

[01:23:34] – [The Bobbys]

The Bobby award nominee for this week, is “Mad” Mike Hughes, and even I will agree that the quotation marks are not necessary.

[01:24:22] –

Patience is a virtue.

[01:24:32] –

Honesty is a virtue.

[01:37:10] –

Legal action incoming in 10, 9, 8…

[01:43:27] –

The end.