Featured image for episode 13 of the control d podcast. The image depicts an interior view of the crumbling bulgarian communist-era monument called Buzludzha.

(Legacy) Come with us, if you want to live! – CTRL+D Podcast #13

If you’ve ever wanted to reach outer space in one single pulse-bearing piece, to not be stalked by omnipresent AI hellbent on taking all your money, or to forget the concept of Adam Sandler, we would suggest you make yourself a drink, sit down and listen to the following 96 minutes of life-saving advice on all these topics and more, including the 2018 Oscar nominations and the allegedly sane people that willfully ingest laundry detergent for shits and giggles, in this Monday’s episode of the CTRL+D podcast. Come now.

Come with us, if you want notes:

[00:00:34] –

Liftoff of HMS Bad Taste

[00:09:41] –

Ladies and gents… the ITS!… Originally dubbed the Big Fucking Rocket…

[00:11:45] –

<short morbid rant> In all honesty, I don’t see too much of a difference between the initial tests of the ITS and humanity’s first steps towards developing commercial aviation at the turn of the 20th century. Or America’s race to break the sound barrier in the mid 20th century, for that matter. Many people died in the pursuit of both peace- and war-time aerial superiority. Yet, their sacrifice has been understood as a necessary step towards perfecting heavier-than-air flight. Should an ITS spacecraft experience a failure and take the lives of its crew and passengers, it will be a tragedy, but personally, I wouldn’t label it as more important than any passenger airplane crash that’s ever happened. The loss of life is never acceptable, but it happens, and it pushes engineers towards perfecting their creations, in order to prevent further incidents of that kind. </short morbid rant>

[00:22:47] –

Footage of Ariane 5’s short maiden flight, and its unfortunate conclusion…

[00:23:58] –

And footage of the recently completed Vulcain 2.1 tests…

[00:33:02] –

Since it’s obvious I’ll be using mostly videos as show notes this time, how about I share the SidAlpha video Pedro just mentioned… It’s a must watch. An incredibly disturbing must watch, but a must watch nonetheless…

[00:40:13] –

Valerian, the something something of a thousand somethings, or as some may know it, “Valerian The City of a Thousand Planets”, actually made around 20 million USD. That on a budget of 205 million and a global box office of 225. I continue, however, to stand behind my words. Movies that make money for their studios, but don’t happen to make ALL the money in the world, aren’t commercial failures- they just happen to be green-lit by greedy shits.

[01:10:08] –

Adam Sandler’s Pixels actually came out in 2015, but it was still a year after the LEGO Movie.

[01:18:38] – [The Bobbys]

The second official Bobby nomination, goes to every last Tide Pod muncher out there.