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(Legacy) Looking ahead at 2018 – CTRL+D Podcast #11

Last episode we ended the year in retrospection, looking back at the crazy 12 months that flew by. As a result, this time we thought it fair to start 2018 with a gaze towards the future. The end result was an episode of either wild speculation or repetition of known facts, but whatevs. We don’t dabble in middle ground bullshit. Sit back and listen to our longest episode yet, as we talk about out most anticipated games and movies of 2018, and manage to sneak in a little geopolitics as well. And $60 bottles of dirty water.

Before you climb aboard HMS Bad Taste, do keep in mind that in following our slight shift in direction for 2018, we decided to stop censoring swearing, and changed our iTunes status to a podcast containing explicit content. This allows us to express ourselves better and as an added bonus, makes Pedro’s job of editing noticeably easier. There’s little to no point in warning you that thanks to this, from now on, our podcast will be considered NSFW, because it was never workplace-safe to begin with… Unless you work at the most kickass place ever. Carry on.

2018 notes:

[00:00:42] –

Liftoff of HMS Bad Taste.

[00:02:57] –

Fiscally responsible, Plamen. Responsive is also a thing you’re not, but it doesn’t apply to this situation. And while you’re at it, please stop referring to yourself in the third person. It’s concerning.

[00:03:11] –

Three minutes and eleven seconds into our 2018 recording run-time, and the Star Wars can of worms has officially been opened. Enjoy your meal. 😀

[00:10:31] –

I, on the other hand, only liked the sexy bits with Alison Sudol. Priorities, I guess.

[00:23:57] –

The video in question…

[00:25:55] –

RIP my unappreciated heat-seeking felines/missiles joke… Press F to pay respects.

[00:28:03] –

It was, indeed, Bioware Montreal.

[00:30:51] –

So here’s hoping they learned enough about the engine’s caprices from the Andromeda fiasco.

[00:38:40] –

Warhorse Studios’ very own Daniel Vávra and Tomás Blaho, both worked on Mafia titles.

[00:45:22] –

The video in question…

[00:56:35] –

That would be Blues and Bullets.

[00:59:28] –

And as it so happens, due to the fact that I play The Long Dark, 7 Days To Die and Space Engineers, all great survival early access games, my queues are now full of the shittiest, blandest asset flips and carbon copies of early access crafting survival horror games, which Steam’s brilliant predictive algorithms think I will enjoy.

[01:00:15] –

When Pedro mentions Zombie Shooters, he’s actually referring to the much more originally-titled Killing Zombies.

[01:01:43] –

To top the shitcake off in unmatched style, the $100 fee is actually reimbursable. This means Valve only takes the money if the game doesn’t get accepted in the store. Something that is next to impossible under the current quality standards… or lack thereof.

[01:09:50] –

In October 2017, CD Projekt Red had to issue an official statement, regarding allegations that the studio was in trouble, brought forth by negative comments made by former employees.

[01:11:00] –

Let us join in a minute of silence, in memory of all future jokes we make, for none shall ever surpass this exquisite Norman Fetus joke.

[01:21:02] –

Here’s some possibly relevant information to the new Obsidian game. In researching KSP’s recent acquisition, I learned that the game and its developer now fall under the wing of Take 2’s new sub-publisher called Private Division, which is tasked with supporting medium-budget titles and smaller studios in general. As it turns out, Obsidian is also listed as a developer associated with Private Division. Under the games tab on their profile, only the word “unannounced” reads, which leads me to believe that the game they’ve been hinting at, will likely be done in cooperation with Take 2.

Aaaand, all I had to do was check Obsidian’s social media profiles, to find out how out of touch I am with the gaming world. The game in question has already been confirmed as a project, but remains unannounced still. All that’s known about it, is that it will be… surprise, surprise… an RPG. 😀

[01:22:28] –

The studio I was referring to, is called Beamdog.

[01:25:03] – [The Bobbys]

Ladies and gentlemen, our first ever Dawrin Awards laureat Bobby Awards nominee… the man who once tried to sell people a $400 WiFi-enabled juice-presser, and more recently pioneered the raw water trend, the legendary Doug Evans. 😀

[01:32:30] –

As it so happens, it’s highly likely that this isn’t really an Einstein quote, despite it being widely attributed to him.

[01:42:54] –

“The bitcoin market will crash.” – Colin T. Nichols – January, 2017