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(Legacy) Looking back on 2017 – CTRL+D Podcast #10

You may be surprised to find this out, but we here at CTRL+D’s HQ existed before the month of August, and we were in fact, living human beings throughout the whole year, and even back before then. So naturally, since we have several audio-recording devices, negligible originality and a pulse, we decided to do a roundup of the year for our last episode of 2017. Enjoy an hour and forty minutes of Star Wars The Last Jedi criticism, with a tiny roundup of the year attached to it.

Having covered quite a few moments from the past year, we’ve divided the episode into three distinct segments. Politics, which take up the first 15 minutes, science and technology (read: space) which last for another 17 minutes, and entertainment, which goes on all the way to the end, including even after out 10-minute-goodbyes™.

2017 notes:

[00:00:18] –

An extremely enthusiastic liftoff of HMS Bad Taste.

[00:00:28] –

A professional one too. We do, after all, have more than 90 episodes under our belts, across 3 years of producing podcasts.

[00:03:05] –

Press F to pay respects… to my unappreciated, possibly even unnoticed, Bohemian Rhapsody joke.

[00:03:27] –

Kim Jong Un firing his rockets, may well be the most disgusting accidental euphemism even created.

[00:06:15] –

Obligatory Fallout joke… CHECK!

[00:09:54] –

They’re still massive morons for joke-voting in the first place, but that’s besides the point now.

[00:11:30] –

Nearly 950 people were injured in the fight between voters and speci.. umm I meant riot police.

[00:14:54] –

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe “sciency things” is the technical term for… sciency things.

[00:17:37] –

Discontent with leaving the truth concealed, I pulled some strings within the Chinese government, and found out that they are, in fact, building their own navigation system called BeiDou, which is outlined in this top secret Wikipedia document. Open at your own discretion, operative #8008135.

[00:25:29] –

Yes. the speed… And the ridiculous trajectory.

[00:44:50] –

Watch, as Jim Sterling rips Warner Brothers a new one, over their catastrophically stupid decision to release the Shadow of War Forthog DLC, with a $5 price tag attached to it.

In the interest of full disclosure, said DLC was released for free about a month later, but only after the PR nightmare was over, and the public forgot about it. That doesn’t make the situation any less disgusting, nor does it grant WB any kind of pass over what it did.

[00:52:39] –

Not involved, in the sense that I’m not involved in the cycle of news-trawling over new games. I mostly play older titles, once the hype around them has died off.

[00:53:02] –

Major #FORESHADOWING on my part, as Star Citizen’s much awaited 3.0 update entered an all backers test, just two days after we recorded this episode.

[00:54:37] –

Somewhere out there, a Mass Effect fan is ripping their own hair out, desperate to inform Pedro that the scene where you decide which of your squad-mates can be sacrificed, is actually part of the first game. That fan is me.

With that said, there are still plenty of opportunities to lose more squad-mates over the course of the other two titles (in fact you can lose everyone except Joker, and some masochist found out what happens in the end, if you do), but a vanilla hero of the galaxy play-through will allow you to keep everyone alive… at least until the end hehehe. Evil Plamen.

[00:59:09] –

Apparently, GOG Galaxy is new only to me, since it has been a thing since late 2014.

[01:07:12] –

There and then, a massive Last Jedi punch fest started, so I kinda zoned out at times. That will reflect in the number of show notes remaining for the rest of this episode. 😀

[01:28:50] –

Ladies and gents… Rotten Apples.

[01:32:01] –

Indeed, episode 11 should land on January 8th.

[01:38:25] –


[01:38:38] –

The end. See you next year.