Featured image for episode 1 of the control d podcast. The image depicts a lego pirate figurine.

(Legacy) History is written by the Victors – CTRL+D Podcast #1

Propaganda has rarely been so actively employed, as it was against pirates. Whilst it is undeniable that some pirate coalitions were in fact of the most ruthless and violent disposition, most people flying under black flags, were simply looking for a free life, away from the clutches of oppressive monarchs. So grab a drink, get comfortable, and listen to an hour of us explaining the most common misconceptions surrounding pirates, definitely not recommending any pirate-themed literature, games or movies to you, and repeatedly trying not to laugh, but failing.

Pirate notes:


Introduction… with a twist.

[00:03:21] –

Indeed, we have some of those.

[00:05:31] –

Main topic. Rated Arrrrrgh.

[00:05:55] –

Pretend like you did’t hear that! Please?

[00:07:00] –

Caesar, the holder of grudges.

[00:13:21] –

Cambridge dictionary’s idea of a press-gang.

[00:15:51] –

The 1715 Spanish treasure fleet in question.

[00:21:56] –

The Zaporozhian Sich.

[00:27:28] –

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you, the unbelievable Woodes Rogers.

[00:32:45] –

Well, this isn’t right! – The human male with the facial hair that was black in colour.

[00:36:38] –

Fun fact. Archaeologists and conservators are retrieving and preserving the remains of Queen Anne’s Revenge, from the bottom of the ocean off the coast of North Carolina, where she ran aground and sank in that pivotal year of 1718. Some posit that Blackbeard wrecked her intentionally, so his crew could be disbanded, without anyone feeling like a deserter. Learn more about the Queen Anne’s Revenge Project at this link.

[00:39:32] –

The Entertainment Lounge.

[00:44:06] –

Actually, brigs have two masts. In other news, I swear I’d be fun at parties… I just haven’t been invited to one yet. #TrueStory

[00:46:12] –

What a Typical Portuguese imperialist… FODA O IMPÉRIO! Here’s the wiki link, in all its 8-million-dollar glory:
Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge.

[00:57:20] –

Closing words… sort of.


The end… relatively speaking.


Some more closing words.


Almost kinda there now.


The end… that wasn’t.


Some final final words.


The actual bloody end.