#48: Popular Front (w/ Jake Hanrahan)

Episode brief:

A conversation with independent journalist and documentary filmmaker Jake Hanrahan, about his experiences as an irregular warfare correspondent for outlets such as ViceNews, HBO, Bellingcat and the Guardian, as well as his current project – grassroots media outlet, Popular Front.

Jake has reported from places as close home as Northern Ireland, and as far as Peru, having also provided coverage of multiple Balkan and Middle Eastern conflict affairs.

Popular Front, which he is the founder of, and driving force behind, is supported on a subscription model basis, through its Patreon profile.

Aside from that, Jake is also currently holding an Indiegogo campaign, under the title Popular Front 10K, with the aim of being able to purchase much needed new equipment, and compensate PF contributors financially.

Note: The episode is not safe for work, as it contains some explicit language, as well as references to sexual violence.


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