#46: Pharos – Doing Justice to the classics (w/ Curtis Dozier)

Episode brief:

A conversation with Curtis Dozier, the creator of Pharos – a website dedicated to counteracting the right-wing appropriation of Greko-Roman cultures, primarily via fact-checking and interpreting dubious online writings.

If you want to know more about the initiative, you can visit doingjusticetotheclassics.org, or alternatively – pharosclassics.org.

Beyond this, you can find Pharos on Twitter as @pharosclassics, and if you wish to submit any material to the project, you can do so at pharosclassics[at]vassar.edu.

Curtis also hosts the Mirror of Antiquity podcast.

+ Not All Dead White Men by Donna Zuckerberg (Harvard University Press)
+ EIDOLON Journal
+ The Fate of Rome by Kyle Harper (Princeton University Press)

P.S. The people of the Barbary Coast of North Africa, only became the target of European and American ire in the 18th and 19th centuries.