#43: YouTube’s pedophile problem (w/ K.G. Orphanides)

Episode brief:

A conversation with Wired UK contributor K.G. Orphanides, regarding the pedophile network “hiding in plain sight” on YouTube, and Google’s reluctance to acknowledge and address the issue directly.

Towards the end of the episode, we also briefly touched upon the subject of the badly flawed age-rating system implemented in Google’s Play Store, which permits content unsuitable for children, to bypass the platform’s already insufficient parental control mechanics.

FAIR WARNING: This episode contains themes relating to child abuse, that some listeners may find disturbing.

FAIR WARNING: For the sake of preserving the conversation’s tone, we haven’t censored any of our profanity, hence the explicit content rating of the episode.

Episode notes:

A list of K.G.’s Wired UK pieces on the subject: